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Acting on the WCPS Goal, we have worked with stakeholders to cooperatively develop a set of recommendations and implementation actions to guide the use and development of the Wapiti Corridor. We have done this in a step-wise manner, starting with input sessions that dealt with general concerns and issues, then moving to those of a more specific nature. We approached this in three phases.

Phase 1 began in the fall of 2008 and involved open public meetings and focused stakeholder engagement sessions. These sessions followed a rough discussion guideline. We began building a stakeholder contact list.

Phase 2 began in the spring of 2010 using the stakeholder contact list to set up individual and micro group interviews. These interviews were informally guided around 11 questions and the responses were recorded by our interviewer. We also asked if there were others we should interview. Any suggestions made were added to our stakeholder contact list. Over the fall/winter of 2010, a detailed analysis of 4 of the 11 questions was completed. The results from this phase were used to build a preliminary plan.

Phase 3 began in the spring of 2011. This phase involved talking to over 25 special interest groups and reviewing with them what our 224 phase 2 interviews had told us about them, and what we were intending to put in the plan that impacted their organizations. At the end of talking to these groups, we incorporated their feedback from these group meetings into the plan.


In the fall of 2012, we reviewed the plan with the above 25 special interest groups and also with almost 100 members of the public at an open house held on November 22, 2012. A summary of that meeting is available here. The public and special interest groups were very enthusiastic about the plan.


The Wapiti Corridor Planning Society has reviewed the input we received and gave the plan a final tweak. The plans were submitted to the Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation and to the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development on Friday December 20th, 2013. See attached news release.


On Wednesday January 15, the Wapiti Corridor Planning Society held their annual General Meeting at the TEC Centre at Evergreen Park. At this meeting the society had reviewed the major recommendations in its multi-use plan and the future role of the society. At this meeting, the 2014 executive and directors were elected. The minutes of that meeting are available here.


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Information Links:

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Wapiti Sand Dunes Land Use Zones - June 1998 : Courtesy of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development - Environmental Protection:

Chart showing steps taken to prepare "Wapiti Sand Dunes Land Use Zones - June 1998" compared to suggested process for the Wapiti Corridor Plan

Ecological Land Classification of The Bear River-Wapiti Area Preliminary Report - May 1984:
Courtesy of Alberta Environment:

Wapiti-Grande Prairie Sand Dunes Integrated Land Use Management Plan - July 1978:
Courtesy of Alberta Environment

Last updated February 5, 2014