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Society Information:

The area along the North and South sides of the Wapiti River, including the Dunes, have a number of different and sometimes conflicting land uses: residential, industrial, and recreational. Additionally, all users must deal with the issues of resource usage, fires, sustainability, preservation, and enforcement. A committee of user groups, government, industry, resident, lease holder, recreation and community group representatives has been established to create a Concept Plan that balances land uses for today, tomorrow and the future.

In March 2009, this group registered as a not-for-profit society to form the Wapiti Corridor Planning Society. Society status allows the group to legally conduct business in the province of Alberta. By doing this, the Society is now able to enter into contracts, apply for grants and perform many other activities required to create the proposed land use plan.

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2014 President’s Report

2014 Plan Presentation

WCPS 2014 AGM Minutes

The 2016 executive and board of directors are listed below.

Executive: (4 Positions)






Howatt, Lauraine

Vice President:

Scott, Bob


Bielich, Glenn


Stevenson, Duane



Directors for 2016

Stakeholder Sector

Board Representative


Motorized Recreation

Brad Popma

Ultimate Riders

Motorized Recreation

Jesse Madlung

Ultimate Riders

Non Motorized Recreation

Mort Timanson


Non Motorized Recreation

Dominic Michaud

Wapiti Nordic

Non Motorized Recreation

Duane Stevenson

Nitehawk Ski Hill

Embedded Leaseholder

Shelly Lazenby

Evergreen Park

Embedded Leaseholder

Bob Scott

Camps Wapiti and Tamarack

Embedded Leaseholder

Wapiti Shooters Club

Aggregate Industry

Bernie Khran

Wapiti Gravel

Forestry Industry

Wayne Roznowsky


Oil and Gas

Glenn Bielech

Husky Energy/Archery Club

Environmental Stewardship

Neil Dobson

Kakwa Wilderness


Ray Marcy

County Resident


Tim Wilmot

Aspen Ridge Residents Association

Embedded Resident

Lauraine Howatt

Wapiti Dunes (WDDS)


County of Grande Prairie

Leanne Beaupre

County / Resident


City of Grande Prairie

Dwight Logan


Government of Alberta

Courtney Hughes

Resource Management


 Last updated January 11, 2017